Ahmednagar Cooperative Housing Society


About the society

82 households are member in the Ahmednagar Cooperative Housing society. All these 82 houses are residential structure. However there are close to 10 more houses that are keen to be part of the society. It is situated on BMC land and the certified area is 976.32 sq.mtr in CTS No. 321. The society is non functional at the moment because of internal fractions among committee members. In fact when we visited them they were planning to start the process for registering all the houses as a new society. They have already begun the initial formalities like taking signatures from members etc. but are keen to continue with the old process that was left mid way. People seem enthusiastic and positive about formation of the society. Most of the families are from Muslim households originally from Uttar Pradesh. This society is in Chamda bazaar.

Food & grain community store, Valkimi Nagar

SPARC Community toilets

Garbage disposal area

Geographical Boundary of AhmedNagar
The geographical boundary is no different as indicated in the file; its BMC chawl to the north, Samat patel chawl in the south, Tannery and Abu Bakar Furniture wala chawl to the east and BMC building no. 254 and 255 to the west. The ownership of this land is private.

Note: The information has been collected from the society members- Mahsar Jehan and Ansar Ahmed